जब से तूने मुझे दीवाना बना रखा है

Lyrics: Nasir Haquim
Singer: Abida Parveen

जब से तूने मुझे दीवाना बना रखा है
संग पर शख़्स ने हाथों में उठा रखा है।

उसके दिल पर भी कड़ी इश्क में गुज़री होगी
नाम जिसने भी मोहब्बत का सज़ा रखा है।

पत्थरों आज मेरे सर पर बरसते क्यों हो?
मैंने तुमको भी कभी अपना ख़ुदा रखा है।

पी जा अय्याम की तलख़ी को भी हँस के ‘नासिर’
ग़म को सहने में भी क़ुदरत ने मज़ा रखा है।

अय्याम = Life
तलख़ी = Bitternetss

6 Replies to “जब से तूने मुझे दीवाना बना रखा है”

  1. jaya, it’s very difficult to search for a particular ghazal on yuor site. you should puit the ghazals singers in the category too (since you dont like blogger.com becuz of lack of categories i think you should be using categories more effeciantly. by the way i have other things to discuss with you. only if you’ll mail me.

  2. Yeah – I am aware of the categorization problem. However, categorizing by singers will hardly solve the problem since many of the Ghazals are sung by more than one people. I will not know about all of them. Here I write about the version I have heard. It may actually grow confusing. Was planning alphabetical categories, but let’s see. Will have to manually do it for all the 95 entries already present. And I am not sure how wordpress will mix up the various categories. It does not seem to display them alphabetically.

    As far as singers are concerned, the seach facility is fairly good. If you search for singer’s name, it will give you all the results.

  3. Can anyone explain this line to me? I would be very thankful to you.
    “पत्थरों आज मेरे सर पर बरसते क्यों हो?
    मैंने तुमको भी कभी अपना ख़ुदा रखा है।”

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