वो किसी का हो गया है, उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये

Lyrics: Arun Makhmoor
Singer: Raj Kumar Rizvi

वो किसी का हो गया है, उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?
दिल से आज जो गया है, उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?

ज़िन्दग़ी सीम आब है कब हाथ आई है भला
मिल के भी जो खो गया है उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?

प्यार की ख़ातिर जो रोया ज़िन्दग़ी की शाम तक
ले के नफ़रत से गया है उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?

ढूँढ़कर लाया था दुनिया भर की खुशियाँ जो कभी
ढूँढ़ने ख़ुद को गया है उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?

ढूँढ़िये ‘मख़मूर’ उसको जो कहीं दुनिया में हो
दिल की तह तक जो गया है उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये?

सीम आब = Mercury

17 Replies to “वो किसी का हो गया है, उसको क्यों कर ढूँढ़िये”

  1. maharaj,
    hindi likhne, likh sakne sambandhi mera ek sawal tha. hindi ke istemal ke baare mein. ek tareeka toh unicode ka istemal kar ke likhai post karne wala hai (jo main jaanta nahin), doosra main aapse ye jaan-na chahta tha, ki main apne comp pe jis devnagri font (krutidev 10, 16 etc) ka abhyast hoon, aur jiski likhai mein meri rawani hai, uska main saaf-suthre tareeke se wordpress ke blob mein istemaal kar sakta hoon ya nahi?…
    meri uljhan door karne me zara sa waqt nikaliyega toh meharbani hogi…
    thanx and regards.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Auther Sri ARUN ‘MAKHMOOR” sung by Sh. RIZVI” If interested, I can get U the Cell No. of the poet and the Singer. I can also provide U the CD as also the Manuscript of the book bt Shri Makhmoor

    This is not by any Makhmoor Siddiqui

  3. Dear Jaya

    I would like to draw your attention and want you to rectify the name of the lyrisist. He is Shri Arun Makhmoor and this gazal is from his famous album ” Aaina-e-Zindagi” sung by Shri Raj Kumar Rizvi. If U want, I can give you his cell No, e-mail id and other details. I can also send you more gazals by Shri Arun Makhmoor from his album / books, which are not to be missed.

    NK Mathur

  4. The gazal “Voh kisi ka ho gaya hai” is by Shri Arun ‘Makhmoor’ and not by Makhmoor Saeedi. Please make correction in the site. Expect an early response.

  5. Dear Mr. Mathur and Sanjiv,

    I really appreciate the corrections. I have corrected the information. In the past also several corrections have been suggested by the readers which have helped make this site better. However, I would request you to be please patient. This site is after all only a hobby and not a full time job. It may take sometime before I can make the corrections. I read each and every comment and hence there is no point in repeating the same thing. Corrections will be made – however it usually takes some time.

    Thanks for the corrections once again.

    1. in this Ghazals ( Wo kisi ka ho gaya hai ) Second line is Dil se yaaden dho gaya hai usko kyon kar dhoondhiye.

      and not Dil se aaj jo gaya hai……. Pls correct the same

      Subahsh Chaudhary

  6. hi jaya,
    i am enthralled to came by you site. it’s really very amazing for me to see such a wide collection of Ghazals.
    I was in perception that I hv heard a lot of Ghazals bt after coming over your posts, i am really thinking that i hv many things yet to listen and read…
    Could U please tell me about a good Music shop in Pune where I can buy such rare gems.
    Anyways Kudos for your great efforts…

    waitin fr Ur reply… bye byee

  7. i am an ardent fan of Arun Makhmoor’s poetry. ‘saari basti ka khuda hota hai, jiska darwaaza khula hot hai’ is one of my favorites. You can find a complete collection on either his book ‘Tasbeeh ke Daane’ or the CD, ‘ Aaina-e-zindagi’ (sung by Mr. Raj kumar Rizvi )

  8. This beautiful nazm is by Arun Makhmoor, but many must not be knowing his name is Shri ArunSingh Barhath. I got chance to meet him personally when he was in Gujarat, a wonderful person. He even gifted me the first ever copy of Tasbih-ke-daane. Somehow I have lost his contact after he moved to Mumbai. I would be highly obliged if someone can provide me with any of his contact details.

      1. Hi Harsh,

        I am an ardent fan of Arun Makhmoor. After his retirement from General Manager Dena Bank Mumbai, he is now advisor in Delhi/Gurgaon.

        His contact number is 0-9958504445 and his email address is arunmakhmoor@gmail.com

        His recent albul Aa Sanam, by Worldwide Records has won several accolades.

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